Steven Otu | Digital Diversity: Episode 3

In this episode of Digital Diversity, we’re talking with Steven Otu, a young serial entrepreneur with a passion for start-ups and the impact they have on the world. Steven is a Co-Founder of Distribb and

Ready to learn how Steven launched his first two businesses? Tune in to our conversation to find out:

  1. Get tips for generating business ideas and identifying opportunities
  2. Get the scoop on how to make and market your first product
  3. Learn how to build your network to build your business

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Clyde Anderson | Digital Diversity: Episode 2

Clyde Anderson and Lauren Thomas on the set of Digital Diversity // Photo Credit: Dimitri Crowder Photography

In this episode of Digital Diversity, we’re talking with Financial Lifestyle Coach Clyde Anderson. He’s a nationally acclaimed speaker, commentator, consultant, author, blogger and trainer covering topics from the state of the housing market to blueprints for financial success. He uses traditional media and social media to encourage, inspire and uplift his audience. In fact, Clyde has appeared on CNN over 400 times!

Want a few of Clyde’s tips for moving to the next level in your life? Tune in to our conversation to find out:

  1. Get inside secrets on how Clyde built an audience of over 19,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter
  2. Learn when to start charging for that free advice you’ve been giving away
  3. Find out new ideas on when and how to start building teams to support your dreams
  4. Get tips for getting your money right

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Natural Chica | Digital Diversity: Episode 1

In the premiere episode of Digital Diversity, we’re talking with Maeling Tapp, the fabulous natural hair blogger/vlogger known online as Natural Chica. She started her blog in 2009 as a way of documenting her transition from relaxed to natural hair. Since then the site has blossomed into a place where she shares tips & video tutorials to help others with their natural hair journeys.

Mae has built an audience of over 130,000 YouTube subscribers, over 90,000 Facebook fans, over 30,000 Twitter followers and a community of loyal readers. Along the way, she’s the been featured in The New York Times, NPR and EssenceEbony highlighted her a “natural hair blogger you should know.”  On top of that, she’s pursuing a pursuing a PhD in materials engineering and she’s a newlywed!

So how does she do it? Tune in to our conversation to find out:

  1. How Natural Chica launched her blog
  2. Tactics for “crowdsourcing” content
  3. Tips for getting started on YouTube
  4. Encouragement for finding you voice to stand out in a crowded (digital) space
  5. Advice for moving past your fear to follow your dreams
  6. How to leverage relationships to build your own blog or brand

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Natural Chica on leveraging relationships to build her brand

It was so exciting to sit down with the fabulous Natural Hair Blogger/Vlogger Natural Chica to learn more about how she got started and how she built an audience of over 130,000 YouTube subscribers. Check out the video for three of her tips for leveraging relationships to build your brand.

Natural Chica on Finding Your Voice

Natural Chica and Lauren Thomas on the Set of Digital Diversity, Photo Credit: Dimitri Crowder

Fear can hold us back in so many areas of our lives. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of rejection. Fear of abandonment. Fear of not being “good enough”. Fear of not living up to our own expectations – or someone else’s. So many of us walk around with lists of fears that are too long to count. And it can stop us in our tracks. The challenge is that you have to move past your fear to do anything great. Let’s face it: there are times when you have to step out of fear to do anything at all!

When I sat down with the fabulous Natural Hair and Beauty Blogger/Vlogger Natural Chica, she shared her insights on fear and gave us some encouragement for moving past it.

So what are you waiting for? What’s one thing you have been putting off, or avoiding or denying yourself? Whether your thing is landing a new job, starting a side hustle, asking that special someone on a date, or something else…  It’s time to take another baby step in the direction of your dreams.

Digital Diversity Trailer

The first episode of Digital Diversity will launch next Wednesday, September 18!

The goal of Digital Diversity is to provide an online destination for anyone who is interested in leveraging digital media to build a personal brand or launch a business. We’ll be featuring interviews with a diverse group of movers and shakers in this space, including some of your favorite bloggers, vloggers and mobile app developers. Our guests will share their personal experiences and provide action steps and resources to help you find your voice, develop new skills and turn your passions into profits. Stay tuned for interviews with:

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