Natural Chica on Finding Your Voice

Natural Chica and Lauren Thomas on the Set of Digital Diversity, Photo Credit: Dimitri Crowder

Fear can hold us back in so many areas of our lives. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of rejection. Fear of abandonment. Fear of not being “good enough”. Fear of not living up to our own expectations – or someone else’s. So many of us walk around with lists of fears that are too long to count. And it can stop us in our tracks. The challenge is that you have to move past your fear to do anything great. Let’s face it: there are times when you have to step out of fear to do anything at all!

When I sat down with the fabulous Natural Hair and Beauty Blogger/Vlogger Natural Chica, she shared her insights on fear and gave us some encouragement for moving past it.

So what are you waiting for? What’s one thing you have been putting off, or avoiding or denying yourself? Whether your thing is landing a new job, starting a side hustle, asking that special someone on a date, or something else…  It’s time to take another baby step in the direction of your dreams.

Help Zamrize turn dreamers into creators

UPDATE: Congrats to Joy and the Zamrize team for raising $11,630.00 to turn dreamers into creators! If you’re curious about what they’re up to next, check out the Zamrize website or follow Zamrize on Facebook and Twitter.

My friend Joy Buolamwini is turning dreamers into creators through Zamrize, an organization that empowers Zambian youth to become creators of technology.

In partnership with local organizations, Zamrize will promote social entrepreneurship and help accelerate “impact projects” that create value for the local community. Zamrize will also ensure diverse participation in the new technology economy by providing a curriculum and hands-on learning lab focused on 3 elements: Exposure, Education & Entrepreneurship.

Zamrize Elements: Exposure, Education, Entrepreneurship

As a Fulbright Fellow, Joy has an incredible opportunity to spend 7 months in Zambia to establish an Integrative Computational Experience (ICE) Lab that will give Zambian youth access to hands-on training in software development and electronics. She needs your help to launch this innovative program. Joy is on a mission to raise $10k to provide equipment for the lab, including: laptops, smartphone, tablets and curriculum materials.

Head over to Indiegogo to learn more about Zamrize and get involved


Support Madame You

UPDATE: Congrats to the Techturized Team! They’ve raised over $25,000 to launch Madame You, an online community where women can share their hair experiences and receive personalized recommendations for hairstyles and products. Stay connected with the Techturized founders on TwitterFacebookTumblr, and Madame

The Techturized team is on a mission to revolutionize the hair care industry through science and technology. Along the way, they’ve completed the rigorous “startup engineering” program at Flashpoint, won the 2013  Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Business Launch Competition and been featured in Black Enterprise as a Tech Startup of the Week.

Techturized is a hair technology company that creates innovative solutions for women of color. The company was founded by four female engineers (and Georgia Tech grads): Candace Mitchell, Chanel Martin, Joy Buolamwini, and Jess Watson. The co-founders are young, black and fabulous and they’re combining their tech skills, business know-how and beauty savvy to launch Madame You, an online community where women can share their hair experiences and receive personalized recommendations for hairstyles and products.

Madame You has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund its research and development. They need your help to raise $25,000 to provide “1 million black women with personalized recommendations for hairstyles and products.”

Head over to Indiegogo to support Madame You and join the movement! 

Techturized Co-Founders Jess Watson, Candace Mitchell and Chanel Martin, Photo via Techturized

Techturized Co-Founders Jess Watson, Candace Mitchell and Chanel Martin, Photo via Techturized