September 23, 2013 Lauren

Clyde Anderson on Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s funny how fear comes up a lot in my conversation with movers and shakers. At some point, each of them had to break out of their comfort zones to break through to the next level.

When I spoke with Financial Lifestyle Coach Clyde Anderson, he shared some insights on how important it is to move out of your comfort zone. He said:

Comfort is the cousin of death.

And it’s so true! So many of us have dreams and aspirations we’re putting off day after day, year after year, because we’re comfortable with our lives the way they are.

[ut_blockquote_left] What would you do if you were willing to be uncomfortable? [/ut_blockquote_left]

What would you do if you were willing to be uncomfortable? Would you quit your job and pursue work that you were passionate about? Would you travel the world? Would you start working out? Would you change your diet? Would you change your life? Give it some thought and check out the video above to learn what Clyde shares about breaking out of your comfort zone.

Clyde Anderson on Digital Diversity

Clyde Anderson on Digital Diversity // Photo Credit: Dimitri Crowder Photography


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