Steven Otu | Digital Diversity: Episode 3

In this episode of Digital Diversity, we’re talking with Steven Otu, a young serial entrepreneur with a passion for start-ups and the impact they have on the world. Steven is a Co-Founder of Distribb and

Ready to learn how Steven launched his first two businesses? Tune in to our conversation to find out:

  1. Get tips for generating business ideas and identifying opportunities
  2. Get the scoop on how to make and market your first product
  3. Learn how to build your network to build your business

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Digital Diversity Trailer

The first episode of Digital Diversity will launch next Wednesday, September 18!

The goal of Digital Diversity is to provide an online destination for anyone who is interested in leveraging digital media to build a personal brand or launch a business. We’ll be featuring interviews with a diverse group of movers and shakers in this space, including some of your favorite bloggers, vloggers and mobile app developers. Our guests will share their personal experiences and provide action steps and resources to help you find your voice, develop new skills and turn your passions into profits. Stay tuned for interviews with:

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Welcome to Digital Diversity

Techturized Co-Founders Jess Watson and Candace Mitchell with Lauren Thomas on the set of Digital Diversity // Photo by Dimitri Crowder Photography
Lauren Thomas and  Amani Channel on the set of Digital Diversity

Lauren Thomas and Web Video Chefs Co-Founder Amani Channel on the set of Digital Diversity // Photo by Dimitri Crowder Photography

In the past few years, there’s been an ongoing conversation about how the mainstream media views social media and about the overall lack of diversity in social media and technology. The good news is that a lot of individuals and organization are stepping up to bridge that gap. We’ve come a long way and we still have a long way to go.

  • How can we empower more people to transition from consuming digital content to creating digital content? From supporting businesses to starting businesses?
  • How can we empower more people to leverage digital media to turn their passions into profits?
  • How can we encourage more women and minorities to pursue technical careers?
  • How can we increase access and exposure to STEM fields?
  • How can we bridge the digital divide?

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