Clyde Anderson | Digital Diversity: Episode 2

Clyde Anderson and Lauren Thomas on the set of Digital Diversity // Photo Credit: Dimitri Crowder Photography

In this episode of Digital Diversity, we’re talking with Financial Lifestyle Coach Clyde Anderson. He’s a nationally acclaimed speaker, commentator, consultant, author, blogger and trainer covering topics from the state of the housing market to blueprints for financial success. He uses traditional media and social media to encourage, inspire and uplift his audience. In fact, Clyde has appeared on CNN over 400 times!

Want a few of Clyde’s tips for moving to the next level in your life? Tune in to our conversation to find out:

  1. Get inside secrets on how Clyde built an audience of over 19,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter
  2. Learn when to start charging for that free advice you’ve been giving away
  3. Find out new ideas on when and how to start building teams to support your dreams
  4. Get tips for getting your money right

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Digital Diversity Trailer

The first episode of Digital Diversity will launch next Wednesday, September 18!

The goal of Digital Diversity is to provide an online destination for anyone who is interested in leveraging digital media to build a personal brand or launch a business. We’ll be featuring interviews with a diverse group of movers and shakers in this space, including some of your favorite bloggers, vloggers and mobile app developers. Our guests will share their personal experiences and provide action steps and resources to help you find your voice, develop new skills and turn your passions into profits. Stay tuned for interviews with:

Click here for a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Why Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Once upon a time, long-term employment was the safe road on the career journey. The go-to life plan was to get out of college and land a great job where you’d be set for the rest of your working life. Times have changed! These days, you need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and skill set to stay competitive.

Companies are spending less time and money investing in their employees so you have to invest in yourself. Jobs openings are incredibly competitive so you have to brand yourself to stand out.

Consultants and freelancers are cheaper to hire than full-time employees with benefits. Technical jobs like software development are being outsourced overseas for a fraction of what they cost in the U.S. and robots are taking over the world (of manual labor). This infographic from San Francisco-based startup organization Funders and Founders explores the shift from employment to entrepreneurship and highlights why “Everyone Will Become an Entrepreneur”.


Help Zamrize turn dreamers into creators

UPDATE: Congrats to Joy and the Zamrize team for raising $11,630.00 to turn dreamers into creators! If you’re curious about what they’re up to next, check out the Zamrize website or follow Zamrize on Facebook and Twitter.

My friend Joy Buolamwini is turning dreamers into creators through Zamrize, an organization that empowers Zambian youth to become creators of technology.

In partnership with local organizations, Zamrize will promote social entrepreneurship and help accelerate “impact projects” that create value for the local community. Zamrize will also ensure diverse participation in the new technology economy by providing a curriculum and hands-on learning lab focused on 3 elements: Exposure, Education & Entrepreneurship.

Zamrize Elements: Exposure, Education, Entrepreneurship

As a Fulbright Fellow, Joy has an incredible opportunity to spend 7 months in Zambia to establish an Integrative Computational Experience (ICE) Lab that will give Zambian youth access to hands-on training in software development and electronics. She needs your help to launch this innovative program. Joy is on a mission to raise $10k to provide equipment for the lab, including: laptops, smartphone, tablets and curriculum materials.

Head over to Indiegogo to learn more about Zamrize and get involved